Specialty Craft Paper Labels

Unlimited fonts, designs...


In addition to leather book labels, we also prepare labels on a specialty craft paper. It is an attactive, durable alternative to leather, priced at $5 each for labels under 4 square inches. Colors available (as shown in the photos) are maroon, brown, green and slate-black.


Paper Description: This is a "bookbinding" paper, often used for endpapers on expensive art books and in various craft projects including origami. It is impregnated to provide a somewhat glossy finish and is quite stiff. Since it looks un-paper-like, it is suitable for a variety of book bindings. I've used the slate and maroon colors to relabel a number of leather sets which turned out nicely.


Generally, craft paper labels are $5 each for up to 4 sq inches but volume discounts can be arranged.


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