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Custom Leather Book Labels

Any Font or Design - Digital Gilt Foiling

To order...

Email Asterisk Books the following information:

  • Your text

  • The label width and height, if needed (the height can determine itself by how many lines of text there are, font size, etc. )

  • Any instructions on how you like it to look. This page has options for borders, leathers/craft paper and foils. Standard gold and black skiver leather work for most labels.
  • I'll email you a black and white layout for approval. One revision allowed.

    Pricing: Labels under 4 square inches (width x height) are $8 for black smooth skiver leather; $2 per square inch for larger sizes. As shown in the options below, prices are a bit more for other leathers and for genuine gold foil. Craft paper is also available.

    Additional charges may apply for needed design work such as matching existing designs. Often I can make two very small labels together (under 3 square inches or so in total) and charge for one. I am willing to work out a discount for multiple labels on a case-by-case basis - contact me.

    Postage is billed at cost - normally 2-3 labels are under 1 ounce which is $.49 within the U.S. and $1.15 to most other countries.

    Payment: Once I make the label, you'll get a photo of the finished label and an invoice. You can pay by paypal, credit card (through Square) or check. Your label will be mailed postage paid (in the US) within a week after I receive payment.

Borders & Foil


The following top and bottom borders are available for most labels.

Foil colors

High quality metallic hot stamping foil with gold/silver finish. U.S.-made.

  • Standard gold (used by default)
  • Pale gold
  • Silver
  • Bright gold

Genuine Gold Foil

Amazing, brilliant finish -- just what you'd expect. Never tarnishes. The 23 karat is light gold; the 22 karat is darker, antique gold. Prices are 50 percent more than standard foil -- $12 for labels up to 4 sq inches. Some design restrictions apply. Email me

Leather Options

All leathers are vegetable tanned, bookbinding leather from Hewit in the UK.


Black Skiver (sheepskin)

Smooth and very flexible - approx. .5 mm thick. $8 for  up to  4 sq in ($2 per square inch for larger sizes)


Maroon Skiver

$9 for 4 sq in ($2.25 per square inch for larger sizes)


Dark Brown Skiver

$9 for 4 sq in ($2.25 per square inch for larger sizes)


Black Goat

More elegant look with a bit more grain, stiffer surface,; thinned to.5mm (10 mm available). $10 for up to 4 sq inches ($2.50/sq inch for larger sizes)


Maroon Goat

$10 for up to 4 sq inches ($2.50/sq inch for larger sizes)

Specialty Craft Paper

In addition to leather book labels, we also prepare labels on a specialty craft paper. It is an attactive, durable alternative to leather, priced at $5 each for labels up to 10 square inches. Colors available maroon, brown, green and slate-black.

Here is the description from the manufacturer: "A rugged bookbinding paper with a parchment grain which can be used as a book covering paper or for making certificates. It is impregnated and therefore scratch and abrasion resistant, dirt repellent, can be wiped clean (wet-strength paper), has limited expansion and shrinkage and is not sensitive to acid. In addition, it is tear resistant and wrinkle and fold resistant as well as color-fast and lightfast."

Hoboken, NJ.

Email: info@AstLabels.com

Asterisk Books has been selling used and rare books in the New York-New Jersey area for 25 years and making custom leather labels for over 15 years.