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Custom Leather Book Labels

Any Font or Design - Digital Gilt Foiling

About the labels...
The labels are produced on an advanced, U.S.-made digital foiling machine using thin, quality leather specially made for bookbinding. Any font or design can be printed in gold -- including 23K real gold -- directly from computer, without metal type or custom dies required by traditional hot stamping.
The Process. The machine is in use for commercial foiling -- packaging, design comps, report covers, tags, etc. -- and by a few small press and specialty book publishers. I've adapted the machine and the process for use on quality bookbinding leather.

Traditional hot stamping offers generally sharper type and more forcefully bonds the foil to the material (debossing). But labels made with this digital machine are just as durable after an archival sealer is applied (see below). Customers have used the labels on a wide array of books -- some dating back to the 17th century -- along with protective boxes, albums, portfolios and more.

The machine uses a patented "electric pulse" printhead (see photo) to heat and adhere foil as it moves under 50 pounds or more of pressure. This direct foiling method contrasts with other digital systems which require special foils and use intermediate steps involving toner, UV sensitive glue, screens or decals. A sizing agent (used in bookbinding) is applied to some leathers to enhance detail. The labels can be attached with white PVA glue and/or wheat paste -- see instructions (pdf).


Protective Coating:

I normally apply a very thin sealer, consisting of a UV stabilized polymer varnish made by Golden (the same sealer used on many expensive artworks). This does not signficantly alter the look or feel of the leather. The varnished label can be mounted and handled but can take a couple months to fully cure.

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I've tried to keep the price reasonable (at $8 for 4 sq. inches for black leather). By comparison, most binders charge $15+ for a hot stamped label -- with limited fonts and designs -- and add surcharges per line of text -- see here and here. Custom magnesium hot stamping dies are typically $30-$50. Discounts available for multiple labels or other applications  - contact me.

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Personalized cases, bookmarks & more

The foiling page features personalized cases for Kindles, Fires, Ipads, Iphones and other electronics as well as customized bookmarks.  Also.  I've done spot foiling on paper, book wraps, report covers, title pages, scrapbooks, etc. One-offs or small runs at very reasonable pices. 

More Customer Comments

   I received the labels and decorations. They look perfect!    

Bookseller, WA

    Thanks for a great job. I absolutely hate stamping titles, so I am going to be sending you more ... 

Bookbinder, PA

   They are great and I'm sure will look really good on the portfolios..   

Bookseller, UK

Hoboken, NJ.


Asterisk Books has been selling used and rare books in the New York-New Jersey area for 25 years and making custom leather labels for over 15 years.