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Custom Leather Book Labels

Any Font or Design - Digital Gilt Foiling

Advanced Design Options.

Label orders include a customized design. Some design ideas you can choose are here. Foil and leather options are on the Order page.

However, the labels can be made with almost any digital design. I specialize in reproducing historical designs. Send me a photo and I can match  fonts, existing labels or other design elements.  I can also incorporate graphics from scans or photos, as described on this page. You can also design your own labels using the guidelines below.

Fees: Complicated designs may cost more. I will let you know in advance, with an estimate.

Email Asterisk Books for further information.

Design Your Own Label

Programs - The best results are achieved with vector/draw programs such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or Inkscape (free). You can also use photo/paint programs such as Photoshop, MS paint or Gimp (free). All graphics must be black and white, no gray.

Non-design programs like word processors (e.g. Word), presentation software (Powerpoint) and page layout programs (Publisher) can be used but may present complications – email me for help with these programs.

Bounding Box - For all programs, place a bounding box outside of your label to guide cutting. Generally the box should be 1/8” or 2mm larger than the final size you need.

Size Limits for Large Labels -  Labels should have one dimension -- either height or width -- smaller than 2 1/8 inches (the width of the print head of the machine); the other dimension should be no longer than 7.5 inches. Larger labels that require more than one "pass" over the leather incur a 20% surcharge on top of the cost of label. Also note that single graphic elements -- such as a box around the outside of a label -- normally can't be foiled in two passes due to slight misalignments. Email me for further details.

Draw (Vector) Program Instructions

  • It's best if I have the font you're using (I have hundreds).
  • If you're using a very unusual font, you should export the fonts as outlines or provide me the font
  • Designs with fine details, lines less than .75 pt and fonts smaller than 8 pt may not reproduce well
  • Save your file as a pdf and, if possible, also provide me a copy in the native format also (such as .ai for Illstrator or .cdr for coreldraw

Paint (Raster) Program Instructions 

  • Graphics saved from the internet generally will not work, due to inadequate resolution (72 dpi). However, I can help adapt some internet graphics on request.
  • Don't use designs with fine details, lines less than .75 pt and fonts smaller than 8 pt as they may not reproduce well.
  • Edges of all graphics should be sharp. Turn off “anti-alias” options (In Photoshop: Type>Anti-Alias>None). If you see jagged edges, I may have to assist in smoothing.
  • Optimum resolution is at least 300 dpi, and preferably 1,200 dpi

Incorporate Graphics from Scans/Photos


I can work with you to incorporate graphics from a photo or scan into your labels —like the labels shown. This includes decorative text or graphics from a title page, cover or spine. 

You can design it yourself or give me a high resolution photo or scan of the text/graphic you want to include. I'll use photoshop to extract it from the background. The text/graphic then can be resized and rearranged to create a custom label. The photo/scan must be high resolution — normally a file size of 2mb or larger. Also it must be high contrast — photos of gold type on a black background or black text on a white background work best. Email me for further information.

Hoboken, NJ.


Asterisk Books has been selling used and rare books in the New York-New Jersey area for 25 years and making custom leather labels for over 15 years.