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Customized Gold Foiling

Decorative spines, Bookmarks, Journals, Datebooks and more

Leatherette Spines
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I'm still experimenting with this - decorative spines for rebacking volumes. You can see the initial efforts above. While this can be done on goat leather, it'd be expensive as even a small flaw means re-starting from scratch on new leather.  Leathette is cheap enough for re-dos when needed. It's appropriate for lesser-value books or for manuals or other volumes that get a lot of handling.

The leatherette I'm using is either vinyl faux leather or Sturdite which is an acrylic coated cloth made to look like leather. The vinyl provides a bit more detail for graphics. To foil your design on those materials, I need a simple, black and white, print-ready image. I'll use a piece of leatherette large enough to reback a book spine. 

It's up to you to cut it down and do the rebacking. You can use library techniques with boards still attached (I can provide instructions). I have a variety of colors available. 

Prices, for now, would be $15-$25, depending on the size and difficulty. I'll be posting more info on this page as my experiments on this continue...Thanks for looking.

Customized bookmarks.

You provide text and designs (or design ideas) and I can create foil printed bookmarks to order. They are printed on Skivertex which is a somewhat plastic-y looking material, containing latex, with a simulated leather grain -- used on report covers, packaging etc. Sturdy. Makes a good bookmark.

Click to enlarge.

Cost: One time $10 set up fee. Bookmarks are $1.50 each, with minimum of 15. Volume discounts. Photoshop/design work is extra.

Description: 1 3/8" X 7" (max). Colors (for now) are maroon and brown. Reverse is unfinished.

Email me to order or for further info.

Hoboken, NJ.


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