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Custom Leather Book Labels

Any Font or Design - Digital Gilt Foiling

To order...

Email Asterisk Books the following information:

  • Your text

  • The label width and height (if you want, the height can determine itself by how many lines of text there are, font size, etc. )

  • Any instructions on how you like it to look. This page has options for borders, leathers/craft paper and foils. Standard gold and black skiver leather work for most labels.
  • I'll email you a black and white layout for approval. One revision allowed.

    Pricing: Labels under 4 square inches (width x height) are $8 for black smooth skiver leather; $2 per square inch for larger sizes. As shown below, prices are a bit more for other leathers and for genuine gold foil. Additional charges may apply for needed design work such as matching existing designs or for larger labels requiring special set-up. Often I can make two very small labels together (under 3 square inches or so in total) and charge for one.

    Discounts: I am willing to work out a discount for multiple labels on a case-by-case basis but I generally cannot discount orders from Etsy or other online platforms, so contact me 

    Postage is billed at cost - normally 2-3 labels are under 1 ounce which is $.50 within the U.S. and $1.15 to most other countries.

    Payment: Once I make the label, you'll get a photo of the finished label and an invoice. You can pay by paypal, credit card (through Square) or check. Your label will be mailed postage paid (in the US) within a week after I receive payment.

Borders & Foil


The following top and bottom borders are available for most labels. More design ideas are here.

Foil colors

High quality metallic hot stamping foil with gold/silver finish. U.S.-made.

  • Standard gold (used by default)
  • Pale gold
  • Silver
  • Bright gold

Genuine Gold Foil

Amazing, brilliant finish -- just what you'd expect. Never tarnishes. The 23 karat is light gold; the 22 karat is darker, antique gold. Prices are 50 percent more than standard foil (so a label that costs $8 in standard foil would cost $12 in real gold foil). Some design restrictions apply. Email me

Leather Options

All leathers are vegetable tanned, specially made for bookbinding. Great for books, Exposures albums, tags and more.


Black Skiver (sheepskin)

Smooth and very flexible - very thin, approx .3 mm. $8 for  up to  4 square inches ($2 per square inch for larger sizes)


Burgundy Skiver

Similar to black skiver - very thin, approx .3 mm. Same price as black.


Crimson Skiver

$9 for 4 sq. in ($2.25 per square inch for larger sizes). Approx .5 mm thick


Dark green Skiver

$9 for 4 sq in ($2.25 per square inch for larger sizes). Approx .5 mm thick


Dark Brown Skiver

$9 for 4 square inches ($2.25 per square inch for larger sizes). Approx .5 mm thick


Medium brown Skiver 

Limited supply. Approx .5 mm thick. $9 for up to 4 sq inches ($2.25/sq inch for larger sizes)


Black Goat

More elegant look with a bit more grain, stiffer surface,; thinned to.5mm (1mm available). $10 for up to 4 square inches ($2.50/sq inch for larger sizes)


Maroon Goat

$10 for up to 4 sq inches ($2.50/sq inch for larger sizes)


Navy Blue Smooth Goat

A bit thicker than other goat (around .8mm) with smooth finish.


Faux Leather

Real-look. $8 for one; $5 each for 4+, .8mm thick. Has mesh backing. Brown, black, navy or red.

Specialty Craft Paper

In addition to leather book labels, we also prepare labels on a specialty craft paper. It is an attactive, durable alternative to leather, priced at $8 for the first label and $5 for each additional label, up to 5 square inches. Larger sizes proportionately more. Colors available maroon, brown, green and slate-black.

Here is the description from the manufacturer: "A rugged bookbinding paper with a parchment grain which can be used as a book covering paper or for making certificates. It is impregnated and therefore scratch and abrasion resistant, dirt repellent, can be wiped clean (wet-strength paper), has limited expansion and shrinkage and is not sensitive to acid. In addition, it is tear resistant and wrinkle and fold resistant as well as color-fast and lightfast."

Hoboken, NJ.


Asterisk Books has been selling used and rare books in the New York-New Jersey area for 25 years and making custom leather labels for over 15 years.